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Welcome to the St. Louis Jewish Light Web site. In order to provide our Readers with constant, up-to-date news, features and commentaries on local, national and world events of interest to the Jewish community, we are pleased to offer our Web site, which we hope is of value to our Readers.

Since 1947, the St. Louis Jewish Light has provided an award-winning Jewish community newspaper in "hard-copy" form, which we will of course continue to provide. In this high-tech world, all newspapers must have a presence on the Web in order not only to keep our news fresh and up-to-date, but to reach the growing percentage of our population that receives the majority of its information via the Internet.

We want our Web site to be YOUR Web site. We can only be successful if we meet the needs and interests of our Readers and Advertisers. Both general and Jewish newspapers nationally and worldwide are experiencing a challening period of transition. Rising costs along with the need to continually update electronic equipment, have forced print publications to find more efficient and cost-effective means of delivering the news so vital to keeping our community informed.

The St. Louis Jewish Light serves a Jewish community estimated to number 60,000; we go into about 14,000 households each week, but are aware that there are many Jewish homes not currently receiving the Light. It is our hope that our Web site, along with continued improvements in our print edition, can help us expand for full coverage of our Jewish community.

We have a vibrant and dynamic and diverse Jewish community, with 22 synagogues and temples representing all streams of Judaism, five Jewish day schools, an outstanding Jewish Federation, a Jewish Community Center undergoing a $15 million renovation of its Wohl Building on the Millstone Campus. In addition, the State of Israel, so important to all of us, is celebrating its 60th anniversary of independence in 2008. This milestone is of great personal importance to me, since my wife, Galia, is a Sabra with many family members and friends living in Israel. In addition, Diane and Paul Gallant, members of our outstanding Jewish Light Board of Trustees, are co-chairs, along with their children and grandchildren, of Kaleidescope Israel, a months-long celebration of Israel's sixth decade anniversary.

We are also only too aware of both the dangers and opportunities facing Jews locally, nationally and worldwide. The continued threat of terrorism confronts the United States, other Western nations and the State of Israel. A virulent brand of new anti-Semitism infects the Internet and hate groups are growing worldwide. The nation is in the midst of exercising its precious democratic process of electing a new President of the United States, Congress and state and local offices.

The St. Louis Jewish Light will provide full and comprehensive coverage to these and all other events of interest to the Jewish community.

We very much want this Web site to be about YOU. So, please let us hear from you, Visit our Web site at often, and share with us your comments and suggestions. We look forward to serving you.


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