If you’ve never made falafel from scratch, I’m here to say: It’s possible, and it’s delicious. I was definitely intimidated by the task until I finally jumped right in. But I couldn’t have done it without following a few expert tips.

I lost my dear mother a few weeks ago. A child survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Ann Lenga did not let the horror of those years define her life. She was resilient, courageous, adventurous and an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  

While my mother used maple flavored syrup in these macaroons, I would recommend using the real thing.

You can certainly grate the chocolate for both this recipe and the Chocolate-Pecan Tea cookies or you could use a food processor with the metal blade. I simply set the chocolate onto a cutting board and used a sharp knife to cut the chocolate into thin shards — it worked beautifully! 

Each of us is obligated to fulfill four Purim mitzvot: reading or listening to a reading of the Megillah (the Book of Esther); sending gifts of food to our friends and neighbors (shalach manot); giving gifts to the poor; and taking part in a Purim seder, or feast. 

Our people have faced centuries of anti-Semitism and expulsions. For example, in 1290, we were expelled from England. In 1349, the Black Death pushed us out of Germany. In 1492, the Spanish Inquisition drove more than 200,000 Jews out of Spain. It is surprising then, that many of our culinar…

There was a time when people with dietary restrictions had a hard time eating out at restaurants or enjoying a meal at a friend’s home. That has changed. Today, many restaurants offer alternative menu items to satisfy different dietary preferences and restrictions, from vegetarian to vegan t…

What a year — delis opened, delis closed, we talked about rainbow bagels, and reviewed the history of pickles in America. And now it’s time to look ahead to what will be happening in Jewish food for the coming year.