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As a well-respected physician, innovative medical school professor and award-winning researcher in the mechanisms of insulin secretion, Stanley Misler has had quite a career in the sciences. But since a 2015 retirement from his work as a nephrologist — a kidney specialist — he’s also proved …

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Not too many people have both bodybuilding awards and a microbiology degree in their collection of momentos but Cathleen Kronemer isn’t just any person. Now age 57, the longtime fitness instructor at the Jewish Community Center didn’t even get into her first bodybuilding competition until he…

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“Greet everyone with a warm, cheerful, and pleasant countenance.” (Pirkei Avot 1:15)

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What is your favorite St. Louis Cardinals memory?  Have you or a loved one been dealing with mild to moderate dementia?  What does the baseball term “can of corn” refer to and where did it originate?  

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When 15-year-old Micah Schwartz plays board games with his grandmother Dorothy, he doesn’t mind if they have to adapt the rules a bit. The important thing is that they are getting to spend time together.