Every other year, the girls at Esther Miller Bais Yaakov (EMBY) work long and hard for five months on an original musical for female-only audience. This year’s 13th bi-annual production, “Double Take,” features students in grades 9 to 12 who all participate, either as part of the cast or stage crew or in promoting the show. They also write songs, choreograph the dances, sew costumes and create the props, among the many other tasks to undertake such an ambitious production.

“Double Take” tells the story of two twin sisters, separated shortly after birth, who keep a very special young bride from making a terrible mistake. The audience meets the twins just before they are reunited for the first time, when they are both 17. The play takes place in the mid-19th century, in a fictional eastern European town called Plitnick, home to the court of the Plitnicker Rebbe.

“The EMBY production is designed to develop leadership and teamwork skills in our students and is a five-month-long, transformative experience, culminating in an evening of infectious energy, entertainment and invaluable life-skills learned,” said Esti Zuravin, program director of the school and producer of the play. 

“Double Take,” will be staged at 7:30 p.m, Sunday, Feb. 23, at Clayton High School, 1 Mark Twain Circle. Ticket prices are $18 to $48. Purchase tickets online at  www.baisyaakov.booktix.com or call 314-863-9230.