Who doesn’t think their situation is paramount? My past few weeks have been as exciting and exhausting as one can imagine, moving with three young boys during a pandemic. As we have begun to settle into our splendid new home and Jewish community here in St. Louis, I could not help but think …

Most Americans feel more patriotic as July 4 approaches, even under current conditions. In a presidential election year, with many state and local issues and offices on the ballot as well, that sentiment may be particularly strong.

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever gazed at a sunset and wondered whether there was anything more breathtaking and awesome? Is not the birth of a child or the love between two human souls also miraculous? 

Korach is one of the most infamous figures in Jewish history. In this week’s Torah portion, he attempts to start a revolt against Moses, suggesting that Moses and Aaron have raised themselves above the other Israelites when all should be equally holy. 

The world has been changing drastically. This pandemic has forced us to rethink our values because it threatens our way of life. To many people, this ordeal has brought adversity, pain and sorrow. To me, however, this virus feels a lifetime away.

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The protest movement in the wake of police killings of African Americans that has targeted monuments to the Confederacy has also targeted statues of Christopher Columbus (including one in Tower Grove Park), Thomas Jefferson, a Texas Ranger (not one of those that lost a World Series to the Ca…

Since the horrific killing of the unarmed and subjugated George Floyd on May 25 by a police officer in Minneapolis, the nation has again been shaken to its core with an entire range of reactions: peaceful protests nationwide, violent destruction in some of the very neighborhoods on which min…

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