From tai chi to senior ballet, knitting to mah jongg, Jewish learning to movies old and new, the classes at the Mirowitz Center at Covenant Place are a welcome addition to the services and experiences the center is offering to St. Louis seniors — not only to Covenant Place residents, but als…

With Israelis heading to the polls on Sept. 17, it is worth reflecting on the last Likud leader, Ariel Sharon, and the decisions he made on the Palestinian issue. Sharon, the 11th prime minister of Israel, was a large man who did not think small. 

Jason Greenblatt is leaving his position as the president’s special envoy for Middle East Peace, marking the departure of an expert who is highly respected for his knowledge of the region. Whether his efforts thus far will result in a workable, sensible, equitable peace plan remains to be seen.

What is justice? What does it mean to be living in a just society? What would that look like? And how do we know when we are acting justly or when we fail to meet that loftiest of goals?

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The walls, higher in memory than in reality, form the central path that leads to the gas chamber. Stacks of inorganic, valueless furnace slags raked from the top of molten steel are strewn about a vast acreage, lifeless. I stood at the entrance to the memorial at Belzec, Poland.  

Beginning with the month of Elul, we are into the Days of Awe ascent. In the synagogue we read the messages of consolation from the prophet Isaiah, leaving the descent of the three weeks of sadness drawn now towards the heights of awe. Where we have been is dark, with Tisha B’Av we are done …

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the death of Sen. John McCain, a genuine American war hero and former GOP presidential candidate who was gracious in his loss of the 2008 election to Barack Obama. On this first yahrzeit of the Arizona Republican, his widow, Cindy McCain, has com…

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