President Donald Trump’s temperate remarks from the White House last week in response to the “revenge firing” of long range missiles into a large air base in Iraq hosting U.S. forcesshould be reassuring to Americans on all points of the political spectrum.

This Torah portion addresses a quintessential experience in our collective Jewish history. It is a powerful scenario of a reluctant leader and of God’s presence in our lives. It is an example of a different form of prayer. Humility and responsibility. The compassionate, Divine voice and God’…

Gov. Mike Parson deserves warm praise for his bold and principled decision to formally declare that Missouri will join 30 other states to accept refugees from war-torn countries.

This coming Shabbes, we will draw our public reading of Sefer Bereshit to a close as we read the final section of the Book of Genesis known as Parashat Vayechi. As with so many of the parshiot in the first of our five books of the Torah, there are so many delicious nuggets that capture our a…

Few rabbis in the history of the Jewish religion have had the far-reaching influence and lasting spiritual leadership as that of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Some 25 years after his death, the movement continues to grow.

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