President Donald Trump’s temperate remarks from the White House last week in response to the “revenge firing” of long range missiles into a large air base in Iraq hosting U.S. forcesshould be reassuring to Americans on all points of the political spectrum.

Gov. Mike Parson deserves warm praise for his bold and principled decision to formally declare that Missouri will join 30 other states to accept refugees from war-torn countries.

Few rabbis in the history of the Jewish religion have had the far-reaching influence and lasting spiritual leadership as that of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Some 25 years after his death, the movement continues to grow.

Now that the House has voted to make Donald Trump just the third American president to face an impeachment trial in the Senate, everyone involved needs to make sure the process is fair, comprehensive and dignified.

Voters in the United Kingdom decisively repudiated the radical leftist Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn and gave the Conservative Party of pro-Brexit Boris Johnson a solid majority in Parliament. Returns from last Thursday’s election indicate that Johnson’s Tories have won 365 of the 650 seats …

The cold-blooded attack took six lives, including two Hasidic Jews, a police officer and the two alleged attackers. The suspects were identified as current or former members of a radical fringe group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, which has been around since the 1880s.

With Hanukkah and Christmas overlapping this year, the annual concern that has come to be known as the December Dilemma takes on added timeliness. 

In moving to change the name of Beirne Park to the H. Philip Venable Memorial Park, Creve Coeur is taking a long overdue step to erase a blatantly racist stain on that city’s history.

Three strikes and you’re out may work in baseball, but not in the hardball of Israeli politics. Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu has already served a record number of years as leader of Israel’s fractious government and the conservative Likud Party, which he, Menachem Begin…

The Sh’ma prayer, the eternal watchword of the Jewish faith, commands us to hear, to listen.  But recent public discussions about how American Jews should relate to the State of Israel have ignored that plea, devolving from legitimate passion into raucous disrespect.

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