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The Jewish Light charges $225 for obituaries, which can include up to 400 words, as well as a photograph (color or black and white) at no additional charge. Obituaries will be posted online within 24 hours. Obituaries will be included in the next available print edition -- during the weeks the Light publishes a printed edition, the deadline for obituaries is Monday at noon (CST). For more information or assistance in submitting an obituary, email or call 314-743-3665.

Obituary details
An American flag icon is included for U.S. military veterans.
The name of the funeral home is requested for verification purposes only. The name of the funeral home will not be published unless it is included in the text of the obituary below.
Obituaries may include up to 400 words. Obituaries commonly include biographical information, names of family members, as well as a suggested charity or charities for memorial contributions.You have 400 words remaining.
Contact information

Contact information for the person submitting the obituary.


The Jewish Light charges $225 for obituary notices, payable online through this form, or by mailing a check to: (payment required before obituary will be published)

St. Louis Jewish Light
Attn: Obituaries
6 Millstone Campus Drive-Suite 3010
St. Louis, MO 63146

The Jewish Light can run a color or black and white photograph at no additional charge. You may submit a digital image via this form (if file is under 2 megabytes in file size) or by email (to
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Please enter your information below if you would like copies of the newspaper with the obituary mailed to you. The Light will mail up to three copies of the paper at no additional charge.

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